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We had the great pleasure of having Alex as a photographer at our lustrum gala. Besides the great photographs he makes, he is also a great spirit to have around. With his fun and upbeat ways he knows how to make people feel comfortable and capture the best pictures. Besides this, the photographs themselves were beautifully edited and we received a lot of positive feedback from our guests. We would highly recommend hiring Alex as your photographer and want to thank him for capturing this amazing memory!

SV polis

We had such an amazing time with Alex! He made our board pictures this year. He is a very nice and laid back guy who made our shoot so fun! We had a lot of varying ideas, some a little crazy, which Alex photographed perfectly. Before the shoot, we were a little apprehensive that a photoshoot was going to be a little awkward, since we had not experienced one before. Alex created such a comfortable environment that it was not awkward at all. Next to all of this, Alex is an awesome photographer who is also really funny. He knows exactly how to capture a great picture while keeping the light and composition into account. We would really recommend Alex if you want some amazing pictures and most importantly a good time!


Working with Alex was great! The photos he took of the members of our board were of high quality, professional, and interesting to look at. There was a great variety to choose from, starting from formal, to dramatic. The photoshoot itself was well coordinated, he knew where to go for best backgrounds, where to stand for best lighting conditions, and where to look for best individual angles. It was also very efficient - in a short period of time we went through multiple sceneries, of both individual and group photos. We are really happy with the results. Overall, I think Alex is a natural pro!


Alex took pictures at our lustrum dinner and gala! He's a very sociable photographer who loves capturing everyone and everything during the event. The contact prior to the event was also very enjoyable. The pictures were very nice en therefore acted as a fitting throwback of an amazing event. We will definitely be requesting his services again!


Alex is a really fun person in general which helps a lot during the photoshoot and makes the experience complete. He has great ideas and a good eye for angles and lighting. He listens well to your input and during the shoot we often checked the photos to see if I liked them or that I wanted to try something different. I am very satisfied and can't recommend this hard-working photographer enough!

DSA Pattern

Alex Sinke -- that is a name we'll keep in mind next time we need a photographer. Alex took pictures at our gala and it was really wholesome. He is creative, social, and he knows the tricks of photography. He took plenty of really good pictures and this was one of the reasons the gala is remembered as well as it is today. From individual pictures to couple pictures to group pictures, he knows how to take the shot!


Alex is an amazing photographer that takes into account all the little details. He gives you pointers on what to do and where to look at. The best part is that he always tries to make you feel comfortable during the shoot and has this positive energy flowing. It’s never a dull moment with him! I definitely recommend Alex as he can be quite professional yet casual when taking pictures.

DJ El Bundie

I never posed before, as this was my first photoshoot. Alex made me feel like I was a real celebrity throughout the whole experience!

I also received the pictures pretty quick and they are of the highest quality. In one word; Amazing!


Not only are we especially pleased with the result, but also with Alex's way of working. He's very dynamic, knows what he's talking about and he comes with a lot of creativity and enthusiasm. He really listened to our wishes but also knew where to bring his own input, not to even mention his editing skills for that extra bit of a professional touch. 

Are you looking for a flexible photographer, who will get you to smile no matter what and always goes the extra mile? This is your guy!


Alex is amazing as a photographer and super easy to work with! Even though I have zero experience posing in front of the camera except for the occasional vacation picture, Alex knew exactly how to give directions for poses. He put in all his effort to make the shoot fun and used his jokes to make me smile, which made for some great shots! Alex went above and beyond to get the perfect lighting, even crawling on the ground or climbing into a bush.